Behind Ebb and Flow Yoga 

Growing up in Sydney's East, my weekends were spent swimming and ducking the waves at Bondi Beach. When the beach didn’t call, I could be found ice skating, roller skating, eating gelato, listening to disco music, dressed in oversized, brightly coloured tee shirts paired with equally as bright, shiny tights.


As a teenager, I loved photography. With the help of my dad, I built my own darkroom. I spent hours, developing and printing photos of people and places. Seeing the images come to life was magic, and thoroughly satisfying.  


On completion of high school, I studied graphic design. Straight out of college, I was employed as a junior panel artist at a poker machine factory. Yes!! There was such a job. What an eye-opener, seeing poker machines constructed, and assembled on site. Saws, drills, safety goggles - steel flying everywhere, and a lot of loud machinery!

From poker machines, I chased my dream job, (to work in magazines). The role of junior designer was offered to me at Modern Motor Magazine, Australian Consolidated Press. I continued to work in publishing design for 10 years, moving from junior designer to senior designer, to art director for various high-end magazines. These included women’s fashion, men’s fashion, wedding magazines, teen culture, craft, and weekly news magazines.


During a stint in Melbourne, amongst the cafes, art, and a thriving music scene, I joined the art department of renowned Australian record company, Mushroom Records. Working with like-minded people, with music as the backdrop of our office, made for the ultimate work environment.

As a lover of food and cooking, just to mix things up, I completed a business catering course. I went on to work in food preparation for various cafés, which further honed my catering skills. A wonderful offering arose, to travel Australia in the catering team for the band U2, and their road crew, during their 1992 Zooropa world tour. Alongside my time working at Mushroom Records, cooking for rock bands was a fabulous experience. Yes, I love music!


My husband and I were married in 2000 and started a family soon after. To stay current in the field of design, I re-engaged in study and completed a Bachelor of Design, (Visual Communication). This allowed me to take on various freelance projects whilst raising a family.

After a knee injury and surgery, I rediscovered yoga. Gentle yoga was significantly helpful in my rehabilitation process. Yoga itself wasn’t new to me however along with the physical benefits, I discovered that yoga was also helping me unravel built-up stress that I’d been carrying around for years. I thought, “Hmm, wouldn’t it be cool to teach these techniques to others and spread a whole lot of calm?”


I put my name down and got straight into my first yoga teacher training. Then another, and another. Fast forward to the present, teaching yoga has become a passion and an ongoing journey of learning. Each teacher training I've undertaken, has provided me with new knowledge and skills. I’m grateful to my teachers, all of whom have offered me something wonderful and unique. Yogic philosophy, breathwork, meditation, movement, and the practice of observing life from more than one perspective.

The most recent training I completed was a paradigm shift and changed the way I practice and now teach yoga. LYT™ Yoga Method was created by Physical Therapist, Lara Heimann. Lyt Style yoga focuses on intelligent alignment, optimal posture, and safe, sustainable movement patterns. Training in a method steeped in principles of functional anatomy, helped me realise how crucial it is for us all to implement sustainable movement into everyday life. Ultimately, my mission is to show you how to move well and move often, giving you the tools to help you create a yoga and physical practice that will give you strength and stability, and the freedom to move with ease and joy.

From my heart to yours, Namaste xo