Yoga and Functional Movement

Melita's unique functional yoga classes have provided me with the skills and knowledge to develop a stronger and more balanced yoga practice. I take this into my daily tasks with greater mobility.

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Transform your everyday movement into extraordinary movement. 

Ebb and Flow Yoga classes focus on core strength, stability and alignment. Based on principles of functional anatomy and movement mechanics, our sequences are specifically designed to retrain old movement habits and postural imbalances. 

Get Functional.

Functional movement in yoga means moving your body safely in a variety of ways that are fun and challenging. You will be challenged and amazed at what you can do!


Every class starts with the most fundamental movement patterns, laying the groundwork before moving into more complex functional patterns. It’s a bit like setting the foundations of a statue in order to secure the main body of the structure in place. Moving functionally gives you increased mobility, coordination and energy.


Ebb and Flow Yoga, Newcastle

Melita Eisenberg - Yoga Teacher

Do you ever hear yourself saying, "I'm too busy for movement today"? It's true, life can be hectic, with responsibilities and endless to-do lists. I get it. I’ve worked in corporate roles and know what it’s like to have a full schedule. Life, in general can be overwhelming at times and have you feeling physically and mentally tired. That lack of vitality can also leave you more vulnerable to injuries. To feel our best, we need to slow down, refuel and regain strength.


Yoga can help you to strengthen, unwind and so much more, however, a sustainable practise requires sustainable movement. Over the years I've practised yoga, I was often encouraged to twist further and fold deeper in certain postures, (for no apparent reason). I pushed myself into uncomfortable shapes and of course, felt worse off for it! Thankfully I found a style of yoga that is safe, informed, and fabulous minus the stress of folding into a pretzel!

Finding The Right Balance.

As a certified teacher of LYT™ Yoga Method, my classes are inspired by and based on principles of functional anatomy and neurodevelopmental patterns of movement. LYT™ Yoga method was created by physical therapist and yoga teacher Lara Heimann. The LYT™ style is a core-based vinyasa practise that emphasizes smart alignment and more conscious movement patterns. Once functional movement becomes natural it provides people with a renewed experience when they move their bodies. With the abundance of knowledge I've gained through LYT™ Yoga trainings, I am able to bring you an informed style of yoga that is smart, safe and completely uplifting.


Whether you're an experienced yogi or new to yoga, I am committed to igniting your passion for movement by guiding you through this truly transformative practice. You deserve to feel the joy and power of your body. I’m here to show you practical ways to incorporate yoga into all aspects of your life. Wherever you are on your journey, I’m here to back you!!

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What Yoga Can Give You

Putting good stress on your bones, joints, and muscles makes them stronger and more pliable, which will give you more stability. Finding your physical strength will help you understand your body's capability. Yoga has been proven to have a positive effect on mental health. A physiological effect occurs, that stimulates the mind, whereby stress and anxiety are reduced, and replaced with feelings of positivity and engagement in life.


Strengthening your joints will increase your range of mobility. Moving your body in a variety of ways opens up places that are tight. You'll gain more freedom to move around in ways that protect you from the aches and pains experienced from having tension in the muscles and joints.


The breath is a powerful tool, it can help calm you down and deepen your self-awareness. Focusing on your breath engages you in the here and now, rather than being stuck with your inner thoughts. Each class starts with relaxed breathwork, which slows the racing mind. Transitioning to our physical practice, we aim to maintain focus on the breath, like a synchronized dance. 

Mind Body Connection

Pranayama is the ancient practice of breath control. Prana, means 'Life Force'. There are several pranayama techniques, that all aim to clear emotional and physical obstacles in our lives. Pranayama, yoga, and meditation can lower your breathing and heart rate, decrease your stress levels, and increase blood flow to your vital organs. As a result, there's a balance shift to the sympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system gets switched on, sending us from 'fight or flight mode, to one of ease, 'rest and digest'.


In Sanskrit the word ‘yoga’ translates to ‘union’ or ‘connection’. The practice of yoga is a uniting of mind and body, mind and soul, and ultimately the union of the individual soul with the universal soul.


The practice of functional movement in yoga will have a huge impact on the well-being of your joints. Sustainable training creates pathways in the brain, that become like a well-known road map for your body. Once these pathways are imprinted, your body has the awareness to perform safe, functional actions without having to think about them. This readiness is what we call adaptability, in functional movement and THIS is where the transformation happens.





"Mel's unique functional yoga classes have provided me with the skills and knowledge to develop a stronger and more balanced yoga practice. I take this into my daily tasks with greater mobility."

Our classes are SAFE AS!

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