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Meet Melita Eisenberg

Yoga Teacher

Going to yoga classes in my 20’s started as a fad. Dipping in and out of yoga in subsequent years, it wasn’t until later in life, an accumulation of stressful periods and physical injuries that I jumped back in, Full Monty style! Yoga helped me in so many ways that it became my main form of movement. I felt a need to share the joy, completed my first teacher training, and haven’t looked back. Teaching Yoga is my passion and I am humbled by it every day.

Having studied and practiced several yoga styles it became clear to me, firstly, the importance of good posture, and secondly, that we need to use our bodies in smart ways when we move. Intelligent movement increases mobility. Good mobility will improve the durability of our bones, joints, and muscles. The key to owning freedom in our bodies is to correct suboptimal posture and poor movement patterns. How often do you hear people complain of sore back, neck, shoulders? You can be sure in most cases the pain is due to incorrect alignment, causing mobility issues in the shoulder, neck, back, and hip areas.


I'm thrilled to be teaching the LYT™ yoga method, a style of yoga created by Physical Therapist Lara Heimann. LYT™ yoga is grounded in the belief that good posture combined with intelligent mobility is essential for us to move through life with vitality and free of pain.

Whether you're an experienced yogi or new to yoga, I am committed to igniting your passion for movement by guiding you through this truly transformative practice. You deserve to feel the joy and power of your body. I intend to show you practical ways to incorporate yoga into all aspects of your life. Wherever you are on your journey, I’m here to back you. Smile a lot, have a tonne of fun, and get LYT with me!!​

Much love,

Member of Yoga Alliance Worldwide




50 hr

First Aid - CPR Certified

Working With Children Check Approved


How Yoga Works

Yoga is a wonderful tool that helps us move intelligently, maintain healthy joints, and feel energized.

Regular practice induces an awareness of the physical, mental, and spiritual nature of ourselves.

People often feel a sense of lightness after practicing yoga, like they've woken up.


Yoga is an opportunity to practice movement patterns until they become familiar. As you continue to grow stronger physically, so will your confidence, building mental strength and determination.


By strengthening your joints you will increase your range of mobility. Moving your body in a variety of ways opens up places that are tight. You'll gain more freedom to bend down, reach high and generally move around in ways that protect you from the aches and pains experienced from poor postural habits.


One of the aims of yoga is to bring you calmness and clarity through mindful breathing. The physical practice of yoga will give you awareness of your body and its capabilities. Correct posture makes a huge difference in daily life.

Mind Body Connection

Controlled movement patterns will strengthen and stabilise your body. Combined with purposeful breathing, the two compliment each other. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated, switching from a stress state, (fight or flight) to one of ease, (rest and digest).  


In Sanskrit the word ‘yoga’ translates to ‘union’ or ‘connection’. The practice of yoga is a uniting of mind and body, mind and soul, and ultimately the union of the individual soul with the universal soul.


Teaching your body sustainable movement takes time and patience. Your brain creates pathways that the body remembers and adapts to. Once a pattern has been established your body has the readiness to step into more complex movement patterns.


"Yoga with Mel consistently covers the stretching and strengthening style of yoga that I love. It compliments my rowing program. Mel's classes are well prepared and thorough. My abs especially get a workout, which I love!" 




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